Wednesday, February 8, 2023

AWOW - Embossing Techniques


Hello Friends!! It’s time to take another trip Around the world!! We are all going to show you a bunch of Embossing Techniques!! You know me…I Love texture!! And Embossing folders are one of my Favorite tools!!

Sooo I didn’t make any cards….instead  I played alot!!

Here are my samples:

Soft Seafoam Cardstock and Painted Posies 3D

I inked up the Stampin’ Up! Logo side with Soft Succulent, softened the straight edges with a blending brush as the ink pad left a line and I was hoping for a soft edge around the top of the flowers.  Then I spritzed it with water then ran it thru the Stamp Cut and Emboss machine (referred to as machine going forward)

I’m not crazy with how it turned out…

Crumb Cake cardstock and Cane Weave Embossing Folder. I inked up the made in China side with Early Espresso. This one I am happy with. It is a little darker in one section…but I kinda like that.

Watercolour paper and Pretty Flowers Embossing Folder and Gorgeous Grape ink
Inked on the logo side, sprayed the embossing folder. 
I don’t hate it as I was trying to get the lines…but the ink really ran on that bottom corner…wondering if that happened as the water squished through the machine and perhaps I was a little heavy handed with the spritzing. 

This one I was trying to decide which side I liked better…this is where is got really messy.. I inked up both sides of the folder, and I spritzed both sides of the watercolour paper. It’s kinda cool…

This is Fresh Freesia Cardstock and I spritzed the folder…a little too liberally and I inked up the folder maybe a little too heavily as I filled in a lot of the wells…
It’s useable…but not what I was hoping for. 

Now this is where I started grabbing hunks of watercolour paper from my scraps Ha! Ha!
I inked the logo side of the folder, spritzed the paper. Then when it came out it seemed to have slot of white space. So I smooshed the folder on top to add colour…and I might regret that…but it is still cool. I just think the white space looks cooler. 

Pool Party Cardstock, Pool Party ink. I added the colour to the embossing folder with the ink pad and was not so happy as I wanted it in the crevices that formed the letters…so I got out a block, an ink refill and a water brush and dabbed the colour into the crevices. 
I had a lot of water so I didn’t spritz the folder or the paper
I was hoping to highlight the letters and they didn’t come out quite as I hoped..

Then back into the scrap bin again for another piece of watercolour paper. I embossed this piece with the same uncleaned folder. And then proceeded to add colour with the brush. It cool…but the embossing seems a bit lost…

So I lined it up and ran it through again…and it looks way better. At least I think so!!

Lastly, one of my favourite folders could not be left out.  
So Saffron Cardstock and the Hive Embossing Folder
I inked the made in China side with Mango Melody  and I Love how it turned out!! 

So after all that playing I didn’t have time for cards!! Check back tomorrow and I will post a few with some of these backgrounds!!

Shout out to the amazing Bronwen Stewart. One of my World Cardmaking Group Pals for the inspiration and direction for this technique. I will share her card so you can ooh and ah over the gorgeousness!!

That’s it for me today. 
Check back tomorrow for a cards or three and please keep hopping to see what the rest of the group created!! I’m looking forward to learning a few more techniques! 

Jan Clothier - NZ

Leonie Stuart - AU

Rochelle Laird-Smith - AU

Cheryll Miller - AU

Melissa Gifford - AU

Danielle Kassing - NL

Ximena Morales - DE

Aurélie Fabre - FR

Mikaela Titheridge - UK

Tina Zinck-MacDonald - CA

Annette Ball - CA

Angie McKenzie - US

Wendy Lee - US

Shel Anderson - CA

Chris Smith - US

Tricia Butts - US



  1. Wow Annette, you did have fun. Some amazing backgrounds for you to play with here. Thanks for showing us all the different results and the steps you took to get there. xx

  2. OK, so I'm now going to own up and say ... I have never created a card using this technique. I've once inked up an embossing folder but made such a mess of it, that it never made it much past the bin. I love what you've shared here Annette x

  3. Such much fun you had playing and getting inky, too! Love all the variety you tried and cannot wait to see which ones you'll use to make cards with for this month!!! x

  4. Looks like you had so much fun playing. Love all your trials.

  5. What a fun session! I love how you shared all of the experimenting you did.

  6. Nice to see so many different combinations of folders and inks. It gives quite a distressed/vintage vibe doesn't it?

  7. So many different backgrounds, I can't wait to see how the designs turn out! I know one that had a lot of fun ^^. Thanks for sharing! xx

  8. Color combination is amazing and good use of water colors. This is amazing double layered embossing technique. We also offers we also offers custom metal stamps and die stes. To get details contact us.