Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Around the World on Wednesday-Market Inspiration


Hello Friends!! Here we are getting ready to take another trip around the world on a Wednesday.  The Theme is the market.  It also mentions that if you have any new products from the New Annual Catalogue that is coming out in May to feel free to use it if you can make it fit the theme.  As a Demonstrator one of the perks is to order a month before the catalogue goes Live to customers.  I cannot wait to share the catalogue with my customers!! the new Incolors are so bright and fun and there are so many beautiful things to see and play with!!

As a Demonstrator I will be attending a Demonstrator only event called Ontour and I got a new stamp set from the Annual Catalogue called Bottled Happiness.  And it got me thinking to all the Antique markets that I used to go to before marriage and baby.  I collected some gorgeous fire king dishes along with a few pieces of depression glass.  But I always admired the gorgeous bottles, I have a few milk bottles.  I Hope you like what I was inspired to make.

Playing with Bottled Happiness
Coming in the new Annual Catalogue 
May 3

Keep hopping and see what the others have made. 


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