Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Cardmaking Essentials - AWOW


Hello Welcome!! I am Hopping with my friends Around the World on Wednesday!!

Cardmaking Essentials - Have you every thought about the tools you would consider 'essential' in your cardmaking?  I am going to jump beyond the obvious; paper, ink, adhesive and a stamp set.  

My challenge is to keep it to 5 Essentials

Now the first thing on your list might be a trimmer...but if you were limited in what you could purchase would a trimmer really be that important?  I mean you can get away with purchasing blank notecards and envelopes.  However, we all know that I am never going to be that one layer cardmaker...and honestly my customers are not drawn to me because I make easy, basic cards.  They want to make the multi layered card and my job is to show them how to make those cards.  So of course the very first thing on my Basic's List is going to be a trimmer!!  I Love to make layers and you definitely need it to make your sentiment strips a suitable size for your sentiment!!

Next on my list you definitely be a good pair of snips; the little ones that cut ribbon and can fussy cut whatever your heart desires!!

Third is Ribbon and or twine.  I think it is essential to finish every card off with ribbon or twine...and you know my number one go to is Stampin' Up!'s linen thread.  And if you could only afford one or two ribbons choose carefully.  A white ribbon for example can be used on any card.  If you have blends in your supplies you can colour most ribbons.  The Petal Pink ribbon is both gorgeous and versatile accepting colour like a champ!

Four is embellishments.  A standard Rhinestone is a definite go to!! But I do love all the faceted options available and if they are adhesive backed I am in!!

Lastly, keeping my list to 5 items I would have to choose Dimensionals!! You can turn even the most basic card into just a little bit more with a few dimensionals!!

Ok so here is my card using all the basics!! I hope you like it!!



  1. Beautiful basic card with that gorgeous ribbon, Annette! Love how you limited yourself to five basic supplies needed to create such a love card. Thanks for sharing and for hopping around the world with us! xx

  2. Ooh I need to get this set inky! Love your 5 basic supplies :)

    1. Can't wait to see what you do with this stamp set!!! It is Gorgeous!!!
      Thank you!!!

  3. Gosh I love this card. Navy and white are always so elegant. Great use of your essential supplies too.

  4. I'm on board with all your five supplies. I think if I was allowed 6,I'd go for a blending brush. :-)